Swan Season is a novel written by Caroline Fabre in 1992. Through this novel, the writer try to draw the Emily’s struggle in family, career, and love.
Emily lives in Ireland together with parents and her older sister, named Charlotte. Her father is a former of NAVI so that he spends much time out of home. A moment later, this family is getting hard life, because of their father disappears in the sea. Harder life is given by their mother too because she still can’t accept the fact that their father has disappeared. Then they decide to move another area beyond Ireland to make mother not too think about it. Aunt Geraldine comes to accompany them there. While they are trying to begin a new life, some people called “Murphy” discriminate them by calling Emily’s family as “Polishtins” that means kind of discrimination towards Protestants. While they are living there, Emily already has a hobby in writing and try to write Novel. As soon as developing her hobby, she gets the opportunity to get course in journalism. While Emily is getting course and working in London as a freelance writer in a magazine, Charlotte going to College in Exeter to major in Catering business then follow her sister to London, finally she gets a job in restaurant. Few weeks later, they are surprised by the News that their father was dead on the big storm. That News makes Emily’s mother shocks and dead 1 hour later because of heart failure.

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