After their parents have gone, Emily comes back to London soon. For her, it’s the beginning of the dark period in her life. She tries to work harder than usual to make her mind beyond of her parents, but she can’t avoid and they always come to her dreams. She feels like they are still alive. However, Emily wants to make a new life without her parents. Sometimes, she tries to make a trip to her birthplace, Ireland, to remember the sweet memories among her family members. After coming back to London, she still faces life with difficulty by her parents past memories. Soon, her flatmate, named Amanda tries to entertain her by inviting her to the night club regularly. On the other side, Emily doesn’t feel comfort with her new life style, but she can’t avoid Amanda’s flattery. At this place, she meets a man named Jeddie who is not too different from Amanda. He is an alcoholic and drunken man, never letting go a bottle of champagne from his hand. Eventually, Emily arrives at the darkest point in her life. When they are on a party, a group of police come and they find some drugs in that place. Not only Jeddie and the other customers, but also Emily and Amanda caught up and investigated by the police. Then Emily and Amanda are brought to the prison and stay there for a week to endure their punishment because they are positive in using drugs.

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