A moment after having that terrible incident, Emily tries to arrange her life. Be equal to what she wants, Aunt G asks her to spend the winter season at her home. She spends two months there until the Christmas comes. How surprised she is when Aunt G gives her a series of “Swan Season” sketch and a bundle of photos belongs to her parents. Those are the most precious Christmas prize that she has ever got. Then, Emily gets opportunity to develop her career by doing the interview to an owner of a famous boutique in France, named Florence Dubois. Florence asks her to have dinner in her home. In this place, she meets Michel, an executive man who is from Swiss. This moment brings them into the closer relationship. On the other side, Emily is still confused by seeing the real fact that Michel has had a fiancee, her name is Marguerite. They are frequently hanging out together for having dinner, going to theater, or art galleries. Soon, they already live together in Michel’s apartment in Chelsea. How surprised she is when Michel proposes Emily to marry him. Sadly, the married is just attended by their close friends, there is no one of their family. The dark moment comes to her again, on the way while they are buying some diving equipment for their honeymoon, Emily meets Amanda, then her life secret eventually breaks. However, Michel thinks forward that it was just the past that Emily should forget about.

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