After being married, they fly to Miami for their honeymoon because of Marguerite’s twin, Severine who asks Michel to go there, but she isn’t knowing that they are a married couple. There is a friend of Michel too, his name is Gregoire. Since Michael has no in relation with Marguerite, he doesn’t like Emily at all. The bad news come through on that sweet days, Severine tells Emily that Marguerite has left New York and now she is in Geneva. Being told by Severine, she’s dizzy, but Michel tries to ensure her that he’s not care about it again. On the following day, Emily and Michel spend all the time by doing diving exercise, but at one moment Emily has the terrible accident, she almost loses her life, luckily Michel saves her immediately. When they are back to Geneva, Emily doesn’t feel good then she goes to the doctor to check her health, surprisingly the doctor tells that she’s pregnant for 6 weeks. She doesn’t know whether she must be happy or not, because Michel doesn’t want to have a baby in this time. Michel becomes quieter than before. Then they move to Switzerland for their luxurious apartment, how surprised Emily when she knows that Marguerite is the designer of the apartment, but Emily tries to ignore this suspicion. At the end of March, they go to Paris to meet Charlotte, Emily spends many days together with Charlotte in order to be closer, especially since their parents has passed away.

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