After getting back to Swiss, Emily tries to do the enjoyable activities like going to theater and enjoying coffee while completing her novel. How lucky she is when on an afternoon meets an Irish woman, Jeanette Joyce. She has got divorced 2 years ago and lives in Swiss because she doesn’t want to lose her two sons. They are sharing about experiences one another. In April, Emily bears a son named Jonathon, but she calls Jean, because of her Irish accent. Surprisingly, Michel greets the baby happily, he takes care of the baby and can’t sleep at night. When spring comes, Michel asks Emily to visit her mother in Lausanne and do the boat expedition on the weekend, but she doubts to leave the baby alone. Luckily, Jeanette offers to take care of Jean. On the day of the expedition, they are trapping on a big storm which causes death to a man. Emily and Michel don’t want to get depressed, they are going to St Tropez for their “Second Honeymoon”, but it is not success because of Severine and Gregoire’s presence. Bad news comes to Jeanette. His ex-husband will move to Frankfurt together with the sons because of he has to work there. A moment after that, Jeanette found dead near by the lake. Emily gets hard because of it. She tries to call Michel to accompany her, but he can’t. Until Emily finds that Marguerite is the reason of it, then the big storm comes again towards them.


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