Emily takes holiday with Jean in a hotel which Guillame’s place for work. Guillame gives her a box of hand-made chocolate with a card that read “come back soon”. She tries to make her mind calm, but when she goes home, she finds Marguerite and Michel sit opposite one another. She’s getting angry because Michel wants Marguerite to design Jean’s room. A while after that, Michel finds a card which is from Guillaume then he is getting angry too.

He sleeps on the sofa that night. At early morning when they try to talk, they decide for divorce. However, Michel will not let Jean leave with Emily, and Emily also want Jean to stay with her in England.

Emily decides to leave home with Jean. When Michel is in office, she goes to the airport with Jean. She leaves her Volkswagen in the airport and takes tickets in the British airways desk. She is afraid if Michel follows her behind. On the flight she decides for asks aunt G’s help.

Emily is in London now. She is going to aunt G’s house at Dublin. Jean is getting sick.

Finally Emily gets in aunt G’s house. Aunt G is surprise and calm Emily’s mind. After a night Jean gets better. They take a walk around and find a house which Emily’s mother had live, but it is about 3 miles from the village. Emily’s wants to buy the house and live with Jean there. Then she will buy a car.

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