Eventually, Emily and Jean move to a new house. Aunt G asks her to write letters to Michel in order to inform him that they are in the good condition. Besides, it has purpose to make Michel not to keep in track in looking for Jean. In Christmas season, they go to Heronlough where Aunt G lives. Emily still feel lonely and sad because of separation from Michel. She begins to arrange her life by buying a second-hand car from Thomas John Murphy (TJ), one of the Murphy’s family who has the dark past with her mother. Emily hasn’t told Aunt G that she has bought car from Murphy’s. Emily and TJ are getting closer, TJ visits and comes to Emily’s house regularly. They talk about their past experiences and Emily tells that she wants to get a certain job, and TJ offers her to get job in Michael Dunne magazine, then she admit to join as the article writer and editor. TJ shows his care by sending a baby sitter to Emily’s house. Emily tells Aunt G that she has found a job given by Murphy, but Aunt G warns Emily of it, but she still get close to TJ because she has to make article about Murphy Family. Suddenly, in the middle of conversation TJ says that he likes Emily, but Emily refuses it. Until Jacintha watch her with the Murphy. It makes her to get back soon because she’s afraid if Jacintha tells Aunt G about it.

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