Emily tries to get information for her article, but she can’t get many things from Tom Murphy who is drunken. Two weeks after the publishing of the article, Emily feels weird when she comes out to the Murphy’s Supermarket, the servants don’t serve her. TJ tells the reason why Emily is treated in that way. The reason is because she is the niece of Great Aunt Matilda. Emily’s relation with TJ are continuing, they often spend time together, and on the other chance Jacintha suddenly comes and sees that Emily has an affair with TJ who is Murphy. This news makes Aunt G collapse and Emily directly go to the hospital. She gets shock when Aunt G tries to explain that Emily’s mother actually married to Tom Murphy, but he seduced her. Then she got a baby who has name TJ. How surprised she is when she knows the man who almost becomes her lover is her half brother and directly she explains to TJ but he can’t believe it, then he is found died in the following day because of the car accident. She blames herself of TJ’s death, then she decides to move to Dublin. On the day when she already leaves the home, there is a man who knocks at the door. The man is Michel. They are silent and look on one another. Finally he says that he love her, but Emily still doubts. The situation change when Emily gets the letters from Michel which contain the two good news. The first is about Charlotte who will open her new restaurant in France and the second is about her success to get the call from the publisher which will publish her novels. Michel meets Jean on the following day and he guesses that Jean has forgot about him, but not at all, he says “Papa” and it makes Emily and Michel decide to rebuild their relationship.

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