In that evening, the wind blew gently, the trees moved as if to follow the wind, but there was something strange with the two things that were standing under the big tree. Those are the two friends who had been together since the sun had risen at the first time 12 years ago. Rini and Angga were the close friend since they were 6 years old, but at this time the condition was different. Rini had lost his parents two years ago in the car accident when they went to Bali for the vacation.

Rini        : “Angga, have you heard about the Student Exchange offered by the American Government these last two weeks?”

Angga    : “No, I have not yet. What kind of exchange is it?”

Rini        : (She is getting surprised while she is nodding). “Mmm… We are given chance to study to America for 2 months to learn deeply about the culture there. In addition, we are not only focus on the culture, but also we are given chance to enjoy and to spend the summer holidays there.”

Angga    : “Wow.” (fascinating), “How lucky we are to get the chance to get there. I want to try to get it.”

Rini        : “We have to try it, at least one of us must get the chance to go there.”

Angga    : “Yapz.. you are right baby..”

Rini        : “What? You have just called me baby? Perhaps i was misheard to hear you called me that kind of word.”

Angga    : “I am sorry, just kidding, hehe.” (laughing)

After completing that conversation, both of them immediately completed the required files and sent it to the required address. Unfortunately, the one who were lucky was Angga. Then Rini invited Angga to have the dinner in the restaurant in order to congratulate him for his success to get the students exchange.

Rini        : (run slowly towards Angga then pats his shoulder from behind). “Congratulation on your success Angga. I am not able to say anything except this, I am very proud of you”.

Angga    : “Thank you so much buddy, but…”

Rini        : “Why do you say but? Don’t you feel happy?”

Angga    : “Actually, I have expected that I can go together with you. I think I must decline this approval. I couldn’t go there without you.”

Rini        : “So do I, I always hope either, but we can’t force the situation to be like what we want. There are always choices in life, is not that what ever you told me first?”

Angga    : “Perhaps you are right, what I have to do then? Go there? Without you?”

Rini        : “You must go there, no matter what. I’ll help you to prepare everything you’ll need while you are there. When will you leave for America?”

Angga    : “Thank you for always supporting me, baby. I’ll go on next Sunday.”

Rini        : (She is confusing again, she wants to ask why he said baby, but she retraits). “Ok, let’s go for shopping some clothes and pants then on Saturday.”

Angga    : “Ok, let’s go then.”

For a week, they prepared for all stuffs that Angga might need when he would be in America. However, there was something made her being curious. She thought that Angga had a feeling towards her, but she tried not to think about it. The day of his leaving for America came. Rini tried to be strong, although deeply in her heart he didn’t want to be separated by distance with Angga.

Rini        : “Have you prepared everything well?”

Angga    : “Yes, I have. I will be leaving on 9.15 AM. There is an hour left. Do you have something to say to me?”

Rini        : (Silent for a while, thinking to say about her feeling). “I have something to tell you, but you have to answer honestly.”

Angga    : “Ok, what is it?”

Rini        : “When you said “baby” to me yesterday, I have thought of it all the time. Do you… mmm,, do you have any feeling to me?”

Angga    : “Mmm… I don’t know.”

Rini        : “What do you mean by saying you didn’t know?”

Angga    : “Mmm… I am sorry if I made you being hope. I don’t have any feeling to you.”

Rini        : (She is bowing, while trying to take something from her bag) “Ok, then, but you have to know that I have a feeling to you, but you don’t have to answer it now. This is edelweiss that my father took 3 years ago, please save them. You know that it is symbolized as eternity and sincerity. I want you to know that my love to you will be not erased by the time and distance.

Angga    : (Being silent and speechless). “Thank you, I will save this edelweiss. (Look on his watch). “It is 9.15 sharply, I have to go now”.

Rini        : “Ok, take care Angga.”

Angga    :”Thank you very much baby, take care for you too…”

It was the last meeting between Rini and Angga. Rini had tried to call Angga as soon as the next day. Unfortunately there was no answer. She tried to call on the other day, but it was always the same. Until that time came, Rini wrote a letter to Angga.

Dear Angga,

I don’t know what is in my feeling right know. I have no idea how to save it just in my heart. I never want to disturb you, I want you to get success there. From this cold written, I want to say that I really love you…

Do you have the same feeling with me?

Mmm… How stupid I am. By asking the same question with the last meeting in Airport. Do you remember?

I don’t intend you to love me back, I just want you to know that you are always in my heart, forever.

Maybe it is too late when you read this letter because I’ve got a brain cancer. You know that it was why I couldn’t go to America with you.

Maybe it is too late if you want to see me again.

Thank you for being my buddy, someone who is beside me.

Your Sincerely,



This story was inspired by the argUMent IEC A first class with kak Fatma whom told us about the philosophy of the plants.

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