I got this joke when my lecturer asked to translate it from Bahasa Indonesia into English (Translation Lecture). At the first, I didn’t catch the humor sense, but when i took a look thoroughly I found the humor sense. Have a nice reading..

Bonet’s parents have just got a big amount of money from a regular social gathering. It’s just great for the old men. Although they are just small traders, they can set aside their money and join together with their colleagues in the regular social gathering, and it’s their turn to get it. According to their promise, if they got the turn, they will buy a motorcycle for their only child, his name is Bonet.

In the afternoon, Bonet rides his new motorcycle. Suddenly, he stops the motorcycle for long time near to the traffic light in the fork of the road. Although the light is green, he still stops. A traffic officer is amazed of it and comes closer. He asks, “Why do you stops in the fork of the road? Does your motorcycle strike?”.
Bonet points out the board posts which read “Straight, go ahead” while opens his helmet and saying, “My hair is curly, I will be ticketed if I go ahead, Sir”.


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